I recently spent 3 weeks in Thailand, or LOS (Land of Smiles) as the expats call it, so I thought I'd make a few video's to try my hand at sharing some of the great things you see in that country. And some of the great people, both Thai and foreign, known in Thai as Farangs. I'm told this word comes from the old Thai pronunciation copied from the French, Francais, which is what the French obviously called themselves. As well as the British, the Dutch (Belanda in Malay and Indonesian from Hollander, which is what the old Dutch sailers called themselves) and the Portuguese, the French were nosing around too looking for new colonies to plunder, just as the rest were, and were the first to get close to the Thai Kings of the time.

I’m new to vlogging, but I’ve made a couple of video’s to show you a little bit about my travels around Thailand, my home from home. Here are some videos which will give you a little insight into life in the Land of Smiles, and why anyone who goes there, falls totally in love with it. 

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