‘From The East Down to The West’ is Indus Rush's first album of Rock songs, Orchestrations and Tunes interwoven with synths and guitars, musical tales and anecdotes influenced by travels from the shores of Koh Samui, through the Asian sub-continent to the hills of Southern Scotland. In short, music for all generations. Stephen’s time spent travelling has helped him create his unique perspective on the world. The album features songs describing the culture shock of moving from Thailand to Scotland (‘Land of Smiles (From the East)’, Steve’s childhood memories of Pakistan (‘Nowhere to run’) and the sparkling pop anti war song (‘The Love Ambassadors’). It also includes the haunting first single ‘The Market Place/Mandingo’ - two parts of an unpublished trilogy of songs about Iraq.

The Market Place was inspired by Stephen’s experiences in Asia/The Middle East; the music and lyrics painting an atmospheric picture of the Souks and Bazaars and Stephen’s vocals bringing a melancholic longing to the piece.


I spent the last 30 years travelling across the world and playing with a variety of musicians, some well known and some just mere minstrels like myself.They included Adrian Fisher from Sparks, David Glasper and Ian “Spike” Spice from Breathe, Sparko from Doctor Feelgood and Mathew Kelly of Kingfish & The Grateful Dead and many others from many different countries. Koh Samui, where I lived, was a waste melting pot of nationalities, and I met them all on a glorious beachfront setting called Secret Garden, on Koh Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand. Thailand was my home for 20 years and the move back to the Uk was a daunting one...So much had changed since I'd been gone! So when I moved back to Scotland in 2008 to look after my daughter, I had to quickly adapt to my new culture, a Scottish culture, which I hadn't known before, as I'd always been travelling. During those travelling days, I'd written a lot of songs, and it was now time to record them, and share them with as many people as possible. Upon returning to Scotland it took a few years to get settled in and organised, but i eventually found the time, energy and mood to be creative again, and so here are the first songs from over the years, some old, some new, but all of them being relevant in my move from Asia to Scotland, hence “From The East Down to The West", a reversal of the Bob Dylan line in "I Shall be Released".