Please allow me to tell you a little about cryptocurrency and music. This is a new site and so we’re trying to keep the content layout and blog as up to date as is possible. You may have noticed though that there is no shop! What’s wrong with this guy? No shop!? Well, my friends, the times they are a changing, and as part of progress, it seems that people aren’t interested in downloading and owning music anymore. And why should they? They can get everything they want on demand from streaming sites. So, this is okay, but the music that everyone listens to has to be produced, played, written and recorded, and so it needs to be paid for. There is a solution.

Sites like Spotify and other streaming sites have started to monetise their content, as do YouTube. These payments are quite small and are generated by membership and advertising, and one needs to have a lot of plays to generate any money. But now there’s a new phenomenon on the block. In short, Cryptocurrency. Sites like Musicoin and Streemit are now generating their own cryptocurrency through the Ethereum blockchain. Now, for the intricate workings of the blockchain, you can google it to find out more, or check out some of the links at the bottom of this page. But Bitcoin you may have heard of, and possibly Ethereum. Both are floated on the stock exchange world wide and both are recognised by Banks as a currency. These currencies can be sub-divided into feeder currencies, of which Musicoin is one. So, on my site, I have 3 Musicoin players, for the three categories of my music. When anyone plays one of these tracks, a Musicoin is generated by the blockchain, and added to my account, with absolutely no cost to the listener.

In turn, I can exchange these Musicoins into hard cash. But I’m told, and I believe it, that these cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and are going to take over currency as we know it in the not too distant future. So it makes sense to start saving them now and waiting until the currencies gain value, just as the bitcoin did, and continues to do so.

So don’t be shy about using the players on the site. Just keep playing the songs and see if you enjoy anything I’ve written and produced.

Eventually, I’m hoping to start selling the albums and songs on this site for Bitcoin, but that is something which is not quite ready yet. Some links about Cryptocurrencies and understanding them are posted below, and by the way, every link you click on and read generates a coin or token for the author of the article or blog, at no cost to you the reader.

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